Attendant Needs

The man who cleans the ladies’ toilet
Tries to stay invisible
Knowing he’s unwelcome, and
His job is somehow risible

An overflowing bin too ripe
With gravid, bloody stink
The stains that form behind the pipe
The vomit in the sink

The woman who mops out the gents’
Is handy with her fists
As banging on the cubicles
Helps lovers to resist

Temptations of a toilet dweller
Keen to wet their beak
With sins of flesh on offer
Even seasoned will’s too weak

Where users of facilities
One tries hard to forget
Don’t pass too close, as ill at ease
Our bladders we regret

And silent in our tinklings
Groans and grunts are magnified
Graffiti grows in sprinklings
Where we defecate inside

Gag Reflex

Silly things can trigger
To a wave of something bigger

When a stranger picks their moment
Or a dewdrop starts to quiver

At the end of someone’s nose
Oh, how the feeling comes and goes

As I must struggle for supremacy
To govern the inclemency

Of gastric-led activity
Resulting in the tendency

To demonstrate my feeling
At what set the senses reeling

With unwanted strength of motion
And a curious devotion

As I fight the base sensation
To give in to native action

With a heaved determination
Overcome my true reaction