A Pause for Rain

Softly falls the curl
Upon this roughened cheek
As pondering, the girl
Reflects upon her week

No valentines received
But neither were there bills
No further woes conceived
So never mind the ills

The coffee cup is drained
A lid found for the pen
What tasks have yet remained
She’ll visit once again

A sigh upon her lips
A fingertip to suck
Ten minutes more of drips
Then home, with any luck

Tarnished Valentine

No good may come of dreaming
I look upon the world
No castled knights, no diamonds ring
But real, cruel and cold

The truer side of romance
Of creamy curds and whey
Beyond the reach of second chance
Who’d only heard today

No gift is given freely
Without a reckoning
Among the clouds of mystery
To you, my love, I sing