Choreographic Activism

I polished the drilling
Of Ms Oriana Fox today
Who’s disgruntled, but willing
Teaching folks in her own way

She’s quite sane and more sorted
Now plus one and a bit
Feeling slightly less thwarted
By the usual shit

She’s booked: gig’s on next Saturday
Way oop North of Watford
Dance-protesting the cuts that say
All artists will get shafted

And by doing a take-off of
Maria Miller
With some showtunes and JayZ
In a wig as a Tiller

Girl is dancing in her vest
To raise awareness fast
That if these cuts are not arrested
Arts have breathed their last

A Central Line View

Seven minutes more
In a strip-lit sardine can
With persistent smell of B.O.
Burning face and underarm

We commute without much notice
Paid to wonders understood
Underground and underwhelming
So familiar, The Tube

With the eyes of travelled strangers
Lit by glow of old, yet new
Tracing coloured lines that link our
Sprawling city, as they do

Sighs impatient at the humdrum world
That passes Perspex walls
Tourists scorned by jaded Londoners
Ignoring other souls