A day overdue

This was written in response to Stephany’s blog: http://www.myspace.com/jmichaeltodd/blog/546725518

Better late than never
As stiff fingers broke the seal
With Brubeck thumping off the beat
Reminding me to feel

The curve of letters twice a year
In scarlet envelope
Unsigned by hand where paw would bear
A long unfunny joke

The sight of one more valentine
Beyond the reach of flesh
When lover’s long lain underground
With little hope of fresh

Attentions of platonic zeal
And ever kindly meant
A correspondent’s heart to steal
Albeit rarely sent

My childhood mystery’s unfurled
With spirits soaring high
A brother’s love looks after me
Across life’s great divide

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Carnage in the clearing
Sticky pools of who-knows-what
As cautiously we’re steering
Fears of claws and teeth in gut

I am left with just the remnants
Of their jolly morning jaunt
Picking teabags off each surface
Like a soggy, stringy taunt

You’d think the place was burgled
By the mess the creatures made
Leaving stains across the tables
And a ‘message’ in the glade

Sure, this was no children’s outing
Though they’d sandwiches and toys
More a bored board meeting’s pouting
Grumbling grizzlies making noise

As the bears scoffed, hale and hearty
Dropping food upon the floor
Then departing as a party
Slothful sleuth linked, paw in paw

Lumber over plates and teaspoons
Picking up and throwing out
I must tidy up these festoons
Ere the second sitting’s bout