A slip of the tongue

Marry me! Cried at a vuln’rable time
Between couples provokes many things.
Though these words of themselves can be hardly a crime
Repercussions wreak havoc or rings.

For if spoken too soon, these two powerful mots:
Burly men tend to swoon, then to cut loose the ropes
And escape from the one they have just kissed goodnight
Before they feel the noose round their neck grows too tight.

But when this proposal comes all in good speed
And the other’s agreeable, vows it can breed.
Then the lovers cement with the promise they make
What in likelihood started as a small mistake.

Pucker up

A kiss may conjure many things,
Some dream of lust, others of rings.
A sleeping princess, it awakes,
A cut-knee mends, a promise breaks.
And all these thoughts occur to me
To see you there upon one knee,
Knowing, though ignorance was bliss,
This whole world turned, upon your kiss.