A day overdue

This was written in response to Stephany’s blog: http://www.myspace.com/jmichaeltodd/blog/546725518

Better late than never
As stiff fingers broke the seal
With Brubeck thumping off the beat
Reminding me to feel

The curve of letters twice a year
In scarlet envelope
Unsigned by hand where paw would bear
A long unfunny joke

The sight of one more valentine
Beyond the reach of flesh
When lover’s long lain underground
With little hope of fresh

Attentions of platonic zeal
And ever kindly meant
A correspondent’s heart to steal
Albeit rarely sent

My childhood mystery’s unfurled
With spirits soaring high
A brother’s love looks after me
Across life’s great divide

Plato’s model

The likely days and nights that pass
reflecting in my mind’s cool glass
the happiness I would enjoy
with him I choose to be my boy
my twin, my heart, my other soul,
once split-apart, now makes me whole
but walking through the world I know
has brought me little but sorrow.
The one I recognized as such,
who made me laugh and pleased me much
did leave me sad and quite forlorn,
and crying even, when withdrawn
my source of love now quite unknown
chose once again to be alone.
Then did I find thee, gentle friend
who knowing I had reached wits’ end
did comfort me, and let me grow
before forcing your heart to show.
Thus all was done in goodly time
with pleasant passings, sweetened vine
now riper, richer, more mature
in this, as some, less can be more.
So I have found my split-apart,
saved grace, built home, and mended heart.