Leadership Training

Welcome dear, to the asylum
Where the grown-ups are not in control
Mummy’s out chasing a rainbow
Daddy is home but not whole

So what do we do with our brother
Who needs to be petted and fed?
Just sisters supporting each other
When parents don’t get out of bed

If you grab a hold by one ankle
Then I’ll take the other and try
To tease out the worst of the tangle
Then soap, rinse and powder him dry

I’m sorry your tummy is grumbly
There isn’t the money for S’mores
I’ll find what I can if you’re hungry
And we’ll have a picnic indoors

I guess we’re not going out playing
While youngest’s a hole in her shoe
I’ve mended the bits that were fraying
But darning the rubber won’t do

Besides which it’s no longer summer
And coats are too short in the sleeve
So even the common’s a bummer
With chilblains it’s better to leave

The exercise video’s starting
We’ll all sit together to stretch
Now reach for your toes if you’re hurting
And think of the rich and the wretch

If we can just keep it together
As family’s good for the soul
There’s almost no storm we can’t weather
To pursue an impossible goal

So try not to pick up your plimsolls
Don’t want anybody to know
If they catch a glimpse of the cardboard
When walking along in the snow

Then mummy and daddy are over
They’d ship us all out to a home
And though there’d be food there forever
We’re better off here on our own

The Pantomime of Peace Offerings

One must take responsibility
For all the ills and woes that life can send
When feeling in a muddle
Raise your eyes above the puddle
Remember that you are your own best friend

It’s all this incivility
That lands a damsel squarely in distress
When the wolf is wanting in
And the walls are looking thin
Make more effort, window dressing to impress

There’s no reason you should wait upon the hero
And stand there with your knickers in a knot
It’s a cert he’s very busy
So before you go all dizzy
Take a breath and count the blessings you forgot

Don’t pin your hopes on happy endings
For all of life’s a journey, don’t you know?
Keep a hanky up your sleeve
So you can signal a reprieve
And pack your troubles in your pocket as you go


Love, as though you’ve never lost.
Face your fears at any cost.
Learn some new thing every day.
Miss them when they’ve gone away,
But live your own life, find your feet.
Stand alone, dance in the street.
And on your path, stray if you will
To chase a rainbow and fulfil
Your every dream remains your own.
Ensure your child a happy home.
And to yourself, be ever true,
For everything is up to you.