Mister Moon at 2pm

My friendliest visitor
Did not have an appointment
Yet clearly was excited
To meet me in the flesh

Proceedings were informal
He sniffed with satisfaction
On finding things of interest
Concealed in my effects

Unnerving his companion
Sat waiting at a distance
He boldly stood to trespass
Without much bashfulness

Receiving with enjoyment
And some sign of quick affection
My attentions to his person
At this more than welcome guest

For lack of a connection

When John went to Euston with Rita
(As from her train, he’d sworn to meet her)
He found it quite hard to tell from the card
Which platform from which he should greet her.
So John asked a guard or a porter
How he could find out where he ought-a
Be meeting his pal, as it wasn’t long now
And her temper was fast growing shorter.
To John’s great dismay though, this tactic
Backfired almost like elastic
He was sent to the end far away from his friend,
And missed her, which made her quite irate really.