We buried the hatchet
At ten years’ d├ętente
Each knowing the other
Has nothing they want
For friendship of sorts
We rekindled our flame
No longer so taut
That we flinch at a name
Though lovers we were
Now a decade has passed
Since the ending turned sour
All that lies in the past
For the first time in years
I just spoke to a mate
Unreserved, without tears
It was not yet too late

The Visitor

Last night I dreamed of you once more
I don’t know why it happened
I wandered down a corridor
Anticipating nothing more
Than labyrinth and cellar door
With monsters in the background

But lifting latch to enter in
To where subconscious led me
I found a room I’d never seen
And furnishings within my dream
That hinted at forbidden scenes
Unknowing feet had fed me

A dozen hints to where I was
Now trespassing, unbidden
A hidden world, a silent scream
An unfamiliar home would seem
Her imprint on your self-esteem?
I wonder how I’d know; when

It’s many years since we were one
And known to all as coupled
This showing of a life undone
A virtual necronomicon
To rub it in, how things went wrong
Two people were unshackled

And suddenly your face was there
But not as I remembered
New colours of your clothing; hair
Now tamed to something debonair
You tried to speak, your voice unclear
Imploring my endeavours

What could I do? I turned and ran
Unseeing, my escape sought
And fleet of foot, I left behind
The stranger found within my mind
Familiar face but false, unkind
Unbearable this torment

I tossed and turned an hour more
Unsettled by this vision
My hopes remained that one whose snore
Had lent such comfort when before
From dreams had landed on the floor
Beside me might awaken

And somehow find me in this plight
Besieged by thoughts, unwanted
And ride to seek the lover, whose
Untimely entrance might impose
Some limit on my own repose
But not a soul I spotted

And waking to a darkened room
The cat asleep; your breathing
I lay and wondered in the gloom
At all I’d seen and felt and done
And what might prompt this change of tune
Your visit to my dreaming

If somewhere you were suffering
And hoping I could save you
Could rescue you from what you chose
The path you trod, the door did close
When she sought more and you arose
To bite the hand that fed you

I turned my head from bitter thoughts
Regrets and all that shattered
To ask myself, if I were there
And had some proof that you still care
Would it still matter, anywhere?
And hoped to give my answer

Loneliness of the long distance lover

Try to put into words
The hole in back of your soul
When fish ain’t talking to birds
No love to patch it up whole

Our feelings sleepy with time
The distant land lies between
Though we both claim things are fine
They’re not as cool as we seem

Sure, it’s a lonely old world
Nights on the couch with the cat
Re-watching boy meeting girl
Romantic comedy’d out

A TV dinner for one
Served on a tray with a spoon
Sat picking every last crumb
Until you’re sick of the room

Midnight brings tea and a book
The cat asleep in your arms
Nobody coming to look
At what remains of our charms

And there’s no note to demand
No ransom number to call
The roll of tissue on hand
For when the tears start to fall

Love in a cold climate

Frostbite in the morning, wake with icicles on nose
I see breath in the bedroom as I fumble for my clothes.
Some people might view our affair as no more than a fling
But when the boiler’s broke in winter and you’re suffering
A portable hot-water-bottle, when all’s done and said
Is hardly to be sniffed at – so we ended up in bed.
Perhaps when sultry summer comes we’ll share this spot no more
As love born of necessity will melt away, mid-thaw.
But until nights grow warm enough to sleep apart, my love
I pray our hearts and minds in constancy stay hand in glove.

A Haunting Spot

I smiled at the man who had turned up to tea,
Though out of the blue he’d appeared.
He seemed wistful and sad when he sat beside me,
When I spoke to him, he turned and stared.
So I plucked up my courage, began to relate
All the funny events of my day.
And as he braved a smile, so the breeze did pick up
‘Til the willows were starting to sway.
Then how we both laughed, at the ways of the world.
I was pleased that my tales made him grin.
And we stayed sitting there, on a bench in the cold
As the evening was drawing in.
Then he turned with a sigh and his primary air
And remarked at how sorry he felt
That I soon would be leaving him lonely out there
As he spoke such words, my heart did melt.
For he looked in my eyes and the fondness I saw there
Did take all my breath quite away.
And he thanked me for letting him share in my life
For he’d had a most pleas’rable day.
And as it grew dark and we walked hand in hand,
He turned one last time and we kissed.
Then I opened my eyes to the streetlamps aglow
As my handsome young man turned to mist.
I was terrified, sure, as I ran for the door
For my beau had dissolved in my arms.
And I never, not once, had expected to find
Him a phantom, of such mortal charms.
Now I often do sit by myself for a bit
On the bench we shared, down by the stream.
But never again has he come for a chat
And I wonder now, was it a dream?