That’s OK! (by me)

Never try to date musicians
Actors, players or politicians
All who make fame their lifelong mission
Feel compelled to keep ambition

Uppermost in their mind’s eye.
Resisting those whose hopes may lie
In other kinds of pie-filled sky,
Aspire to happiness: decry

The complex marketing campaigns
To fill your dreams with endless strains
Of violins, and chilled champagne
(Someone is selling something vain)

You’re not obliged to join, partake
In putting out, appearing, fake
So falsely cheerful, on the make
We don’t all want the same big break

And there are many paths to tread
That do less harm and keep you fed
You could just read a book instead
To fill your soul, first fill your head

Jean Pierre, Clochard

Le clochard qui bu
Jusqu’au coin de la rue
A ses valides raisons
Pour le faire

Il n’est riche ni propre
Mais ce qu’il a de trop
C’est une vie passée
Là en pleine aire

Il s’en fou du télé
Et du pays entier
Il n’a pas d’intérêt
Dans le foot

Mais il se trouve content
Ses amis là en front
Et le goût du bon vin
À la bouche