Musings on a bus

Are the lions drinking or drowning today?
And what sort of whimsy may come into play?
If I skip the long walk and get carried away
By a piper whose horn touts – fat ladies, wahey?!
Do I find inside mercy, or terrible pride?
Am I fearful of friends from whose habits I hide?
Is there just cause to question the ways we go wild?
Or conceal what we feel to keep on in our stride?
With a pace at once terrible, tortuous, slow
We make progress an inch at a time, so we grow
And though others may ask us – do they want to know?
How we got where we’re planning to stay when they go?
I cannot give an answer – my answer is no
Guarantee of it working for anyone, so
Do not plead my response – I don’t do it to show
To the world: mine – the best
Way to reap what you sow.

Diamond Jubilee

Keeping busy through the weekend
While a lady waves and smiles
In a state of slow progression
Royal barging over tides

Common chores, we sand and paint
Our castle; dusty, sweaty, tired
As a radio dictates our mood
The lighting is rewired

Now the weather, grey and gloomy
Fills the skies with silver cloud
And some feeling, so elusive
Charms the proles that swell the crowd

Whether royalist or rabid
Every publican will tell
That the bunting’s decoration
Many coffers more will fill

In the midst of deep recession
With less cash to splash about
Still the luxury of lives uncommon
Fills our heads with doubt