A Winter caution

Leave the berries for the birds to eat
They’re poisonous and none too sweet.
Though red and round and juicy-looking
Even with a lot of cooking
These will make you feel quite ill
So heed me child, and do not steal
What God did not create for thee!
I’ve told you once, now let them be!

An Homage to Harvey

My conscience did prick as I sat here awhile
About some certain things that have made this girl smile.
I’m not too P.C., I can laugh with the best
But a slight has a cost, even when a mere jest.
So be wary, my love, as you open to speak
Of the deeds of an Imam and Rabbi last week
For ’tis better to laugh with the head and the heart
Than to poke fun at others – your comments do smart!
A quick wit is all very well, but take heed:
A slow tongue’s more pleasant, in word as in deed.