Ice cream van

Dinosaur wellies
Stomping the park puddles
Familiar green shapes
Immortalised in
Rubberised plastic
Formed from crude oil
As if forged from the
Fossilized bones of
Long dead ancestors
As protectors of
Juvenile feet
Roaming freely
Through marshy ground
Wild as once before
Roaring early displeasure
At competition for
A chance to slide
Through mud
Young pitted against young
Tooth and claw
Fighting to be first
To feed

2 thoughts on “Ice cream van

  1. As I may recall, from over fifty years past,
    first was far better achievement that last.
    To tarry and risk being the very last one,
    typically meant, all chocolate was gone,
    rendering patrons, grievous and aghast.

    Great poem, Katherine! You bring back the good times for me.

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