Loneliness of the terminally challenged

I’ve got nostalgia for the way things weren’t
Aching out of every pore
Oozing and cruising and snoozing
A way around the darkened room
Humming lonely tunes to the dusty
Second-hand curtains
Striped ambition swaying in the draught
That strips the jangling nerves
From my fingers to the fingering of keys
Old style letters locked at arms’ length
Just in and out of awkward reach
Trying to find a balance
On a dented mattress
Elbows sore from shifting weight
Dusk ’til birdsong
Gloom lingers on the brow
Leaving lines from one ear to the other
Hoping to hold my cold cup of Joe at bay
With bayou blues rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’
Across the lonely 3am airwaves
Surrounded by the gently snoring chorus
Everyday keepsakes firmly rooted in reality
Strong stock piled in corners
Well-heeled feet nailed down
To their own groove
I am adrift, tethered by a fraying string
My mind prowling through its wonder-land
Howling a song for the moon

One thought on “Loneliness of the terminally challenged

  1. When I pull an all night affair, either for grins and giggles, or when assigned, I find, a deadline always appears, and rushes me, causing me to not enjoy myself as much as I ought.

    And, there is rarely anyone around to commiserate with at that time of night, unless they live in another time zone, far away, like maybe Tennessee.

    A look at the bright side says, at least we are not using old fashioned type writers that click when we tap. No one would be able to sleep through that.

    I just glanced at the clock, to see it is 14:00 O’Clock where you are. I hope you are having an excellent evening.

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