Biting baby blues

We’re rocking teeth
More shocking news
Our shoes won’t fit
Our socks we lose

We climb as high
As we can reach
And make the most
Unholy screech

We don’t sit still
May throw our food
And roll around
When in a mood

With grabby hands
And strong-willed walk
The vulnerable
We now stalk

That thing you smell…
Our butt don’t lie
Some nose-to-mattress

If you want sleep
You’d best be dead
Small half-moons mark
The path ahead

And will we tire
Or do as told?
Hell no! We’re just
As good as gold!

2 thoughts on “Biting baby blues

  1. I cannot wait to read this to our one year old, when his Mom drops him off in the morning, so she can go to work. His response with more than likely be, “Uh oh.”

    Wonderful poem, Katherine. It is good to hear from you.

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