Weather Woman

I am a whirlwind, a whisk of storm
Bustling hustler, shucking pain
I, tornado, brave and warm
Quite immune to storm and strain
Problems scatter at my touch
Tossed aside on threads of steel
Fly to cloudy puffing, such
We pay no mind and bring to heel
Arms outstretched, ten fingertips
Sweep through the tactile charged air
Perched for flight the moment strips
All concern from simple care
I am the calm in the storm’s grey eye
Twister turns a tidy groove
And dancing miles across the sky
No one sees my fleet feet move

6 thoughts on “Weather Woman

  1. This poem takes my breath… and balance!
    You are a whirled world of fun, you know.
    So happy I happened this way, by chance;
    Even at the risk of being tossed to and fro.

  2. Katherine, I just read your weather woman poem and found it delightfully fresh without being self`referential or sentimental. Frankly I loved it and will start following your blog to see what else you cleverly come up with . . . Terrific poetry!

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