Indiscriminate Despair

A million subtle put-downs
In a thousand different ways
A wasted opportunity
Career path gone astray

A couple of promotions too
That went to someone else
With not as much experience
Nor vision, knowledge, skills

Adjusting one’s ambition
‘Til it fits within the norm
A lukewarm lover’s mission
To accept what still goes on

We breed another row
Of middle-rankers in our turn
Forgetting what we wanted
Was the change we couldn’t earn

2 thoughts on “Indiscriminate Despair

  1. I will not say such as this prompted me to change careers, but it sure did make me open to new opportunities, and eventually, the right one came along.

    Fantastic poem, Katherine.

  2. Ah, to find a window in the solid wall of pessimism: it’s there, I’m certain, but it takes a poets keen eye to see it, voice to name it . . . Nice work!

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