Sangatte to Jungles
Our government mumbles
Responses to nations’
Incoming migrations

Now paperwork hoarders
Are challenged by boarders
In Eurostar tunnels
And motorway funnels

They’re stoning the crowd
Burning tyres, leaping loud
Until lorries are loaded
All holds are allowed

This stowaway stream
Set on chasing a dream
Shows no signs of slowing
Or stopping, but growing

Their numbers increasing
To challenge policing
We’re caught at the port
Over which we have fought

Now our tourists are static
Behind much stacked traffic
They’re losing their reason
In holiday season

As cars packed with kids
See their fun on the skids
With the clock ticking down
Mum and dad due in town

Though we hoped to ignore
Swimmers washing ashore
Counting costs in big bribes
And the loss of small lives

In a bid for asylum
We’d like to deny them
Perhaps we may find
What they’re leaving behind

4 thoughts on “Calais

  1. Jolly good…living near The Port of Dover and a regular user of Eurotunnel and the ferry you will understand when I tell you I’m with you on this one!

    • To clarify, I am not anti-immigration, but I am very worried by this stampede-by-any-means-possible. What is happening seems very dangerous and is also puzzling to me. I can understand perfectly why someone would flee from a conflict zone – a fundamental instinct for survival; but it is not clear to me why the groups of migrants in Calais seem so determined to get all the way to the UK, rather than settling elsewhere in Europe. As I understand it, the process of seeking asylum is both complicated and slow. The welfare state system offers very limited support to those arriving without documentation, and there is no guarantee whatever that physically making it across the English Channel will improve anyone’s life or prospects. It can simply result in instant deportation. I wonder what lies and pipe dreams are sold to these people that would cause them to attempt the journey regardless, some of them even attempting to swim the channel. This level of desperation puts people at significant risk of being trafficked into a worse situation by those who seek to profit from the misery of others, while those who attempt the journey alone via various ingenious and clandestine means are risking injury and death. There has to be a better way to deal with this situation.

      • An enormous problem with no tailor made solution of that there is no doubt. In essence the group assembled in Calais are a mix of genuine asylum seekers and economic migrants (likely in the majority). From what I’ve been told one reason the UK is a preferred destination is that in a large number of cases the ‘second language’ is English thus making the UK a preferred destination plus many have family here already.
        Calais, save for the town hall, has never been my favourite French town by any means yet I do agree to a large extent with their mayor when she pointed out that were it not for the (largely speaking now historic) benefits in the UK not being so ‘good’ then her town wouldn’t be in the mess it currently is. Yet here we get our local MP blaming the French for everything which in my book is unfair.
        The current trend of immigrants trying to get through the tunnel is most worrying – not just for them – in that if they can break in so easily what could ISIS get away with! Don’t really want to think about that! I noted the beginnings of a trend toward the tunnel when on a shopping trip to Cite Europe back in February on a very cold day with the rain pouring down. There at a roundabout near the tunnel were a group of young blokes – early twenties – dressed inadequately checking out the place. Felt so sorry for them plainly desperate as they were and likely still are.
        I cannot see a solution save for a bit of compassion and maybe someone stuffing a sock in the mouth of Mr Farage who seems to relish in stoking the flames. Shame Bush and Blair didn’t think twice before they sowed the seeds of ruin across the Middle Eastern and North African states in inappropriate revenge for 9/11. Still hindsight doesn’t really help!
        If you get a good idea to resolve the problem do let me know! I haven’t got one!

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