The Tourist

To the tourist trespassing
Taking selfies on the stairs
During a fire safety
Evacuation drill:

Were you perhaps trying
To capture the moment
Before you were pushed
For documentary posterity?

Or were you born supplied
With a camera on a stick
Inserted somewhere sweaty?
Whichever; I hope

The gentle smack
Of an irate Fire Warden
To the back of your empty head
Rearranged your somewhat

Selfish priorities
Although I don’t doubt
We will receive your
Carelessly written complaint

Citing unfair treatment
In due course.
I do look forward to writing
An appropriate response.

2 thoughts on “The Tourist

  1. Rubberneckers all have one thing in common…
    They tend to get in the way…
    This poem is fantastic. You find the most interesting topics to write about. I mean, no one has ever written a poem about this. Now, you have, and it is brilliant.
    I hope your Summer is going well.
    Cordially, Myke

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