Hidden Agenda

Well-versed in deflection
Adept sleight-of-eye
We swallow confection
No hint of a lie

With no information
To pad out the cues
We’re sunk in deflation
That borders abuse

And used to the stories
So rarely explained
We vote for HisTories
And nothing is gained

Consistent imprudence
Of well-feathered nest
Career jurisprudence
You-know-who knows best

We’re damned by inaction
To more of the same
A knee-jerk reaction
And someone to blame

2 thoughts on “Hidden Agenda

  1. Politicos woes appear to run rampant on both sides of the pond.
    Interesting and entertaining poem, with is short rhyming lines and bouncing meter… so much fun to read aloud. (Yes, I still read your poems aloud.) Oh, and the “HisTories” connotation is brilliant.

    Thanks… Myke Todd

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