Inner Peace

Lie to me, I beg of you
Tell me pretty tales untrue
Undermine my eyes and ears
Petty crime to soothe my tears

Hide what truths I must not see
Lest their enchantment undo me
In Plato’s cave may I reside
Until I crave the world outside

One thought on “Inner Peace

  1. I probably should not admit this, but I am capable of telling a tale, if circumstances prevail, where harm could befall, or not to alarm for undue cause. Even as much, I will sugar coat the truth, in an effort to display tact, if in fact, the truth is due. But mostly, I try to stay within the firm guidelines of what is genuine, because the odds of me remembering a lie, as told, are not in my favor.

    I promise this to be the truth… I really enjoyed reading this, on a blustery Friday afternoon, stuck at the office, knowing I am going to miss the majority of the trick or treaters that will come to my door. It was incumbent on me to keep the cat corralled tonight, as the door was in constant motion. The thought of a black cat being loose on Halloween night is frightful.

    Of course, when I do come dragging in, and the wife chides me for being tardy, and asks the obvious question, “Were you really working, or visiting on the internet with your friends,” I will lie through my teeth and say, I was busy, inputting orders. Odds are good, she will not believe me…

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