A Capital Man

Our bold Mayor of London
In spite of his burdens
Has chosen to cross
To the North bank again

The party political
Must have been calling
For stickier wickets
Inside number ten.

Conservative tastes
And the right education
Would make him a candidate
Proud to display

Strong family values…
Unchecked dedication
To national causes
That brook no delay.

He plots to return
To his life in the fast lane –
Trade in the bike for a
Chauffeur and Jag

No skimming the fine print
For that would be cheating
And soon on the map
He’ll be planting his flag.

Alas, the election
Requires some sacrifice
Two hefty titles
To shoulder at once

But that shouldn’t be hard
For a Machiavellian
Spinner of dreams
Used to acting the dunce.

So he’s setting his cap
At those hard-to-reach voters
More mums on the run
Far too busy to check

If this scruffy buffoon’s
Just an overgrown schoolboy;
The first among men,
Or a knife to the neck.

One thought on “A Capital Man

  1. So, Boris is moving on, and the list of potential successors is said to be around forty in number. Does this mean, it will take forty people to replace him?

    Bear in mind, I know nothing about British politics, and very little about politics in these here United States. However, I did enjoy reading your account here. I believe I could be crippled and maimed in a violent double decker bus crash, and you could write an account that would make laugh until it hurt… worse. šŸ™‚

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