Nanoo Nanoo to Neverland

Where have all the grown-ups gone?
The ones I looked to all my life
To show me what’s been going on
To make me laugh and keep me safe

Their reassurance slips away
As if they’d someplace else to be
We stand here at the break of day
And count each loss as one set free

I wish they wouldn’t shuffle off
So many games we never played
But some by self and some by health
They one-by-one all leave this stage

And whether one is hopping mad
Or feeling blue, or sad, or bad
It’s curtains for the fun we had
Now Mork has gone to follow Dad

4 thoughts on “Nanoo Nanoo to Neverland

  1. I have often heard, these passings happen in threes. I seriously doubt that will be the case this time. He was truly one of a kind. And, for me, he will always be remembered as Mork.

    Your fine poem brought a smile, even as sadness prevails.

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