The Superior Man

Pickle me in kindness
So my praises, sweetly sung
May give fragrant, brief reminders
Of the works these hands have spun

Leave no gentle act unlauded
Let no deed pass as unknown
Thus may toil be fair-rewarded
‘Ere we trundle, meekly home

While you while away the hours
In your elevated chair
Someone else is pushing flowers
To ensure you may stay there

And where you ignore their efforts
Just imagine what could come;
If we all were judged on merits
Would you still be number one?

One thought on “The Superior Man

  1. I am guilty, from time to time, of focusing too much on self. Typically, when it gets out of hand, something comes along to humble me, and put me back in my place. This is a good thing.

    As such, I took this message to heart, and it left me smiling.

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