Furnishing Farce

How many men does it take to deliver
A table and several chairs?
You’d think I was kidding
The joke would seem hidden
The first one just ‘didn’t do’ stairs

With telephones trilling, the second, unwilling
Could not get the top through the door
The third tried to shame me,
And name me, and blame me
For furnishings to the sixth floor

Solution: to dump them on pavement
Just junk them – delivery over and done
Denying they’d tried it
(My boss wouldn’t buy it)
The whole thing becoming a pun

For what good are services that don’t deliver
The minimum bang for your buck?
While companies try
Not to fall for the lie
That the ground floor is somehow the top

2 thoughts on “Furnishing Farce

  1. Talk about timing… I run a delivery service, and just got off the phone with a customer, who sadly admitted, some of this material will have to be carried up a staircase. I told him, “My guys are just going to love you for this.”

    Still, I took the job and we will get it done properly. In all fairness, most of the services we render this customer are simple talks. I just have to do a good job selling that idea to my crew. Wish me luck on that.

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