Generation Gap Year

Extended adolescence is
Two dudes on a skate date at six
Discussing their need
For some quality weed
While comparing the length of their tricks

With their tracksuits and caps off The Now Show
And their t-shirts ironic, profound
They both chat and rejoice
In the sound of their voice
As home counties vowels litter the ground

Not quite yet with one foot on the ladder
Are these kool kats establishment-bound
With their pals in the pub
Serving plates of posh grub
Mockney rules ’til the tools owe a round

Then they’re back pulling pints of an evening
While the board sits at home in the lounge
Pinching pennies for blow
Giving housemates a show
As the park’s still the best game in town

From my viewpoint as elderly spinster
I ignore what excites at their age
Though it seems such good fun
I’ve a hunch they’ve broken
Every bone from their knees to ribcage

2 thoughts on “Generation Gap Year

  1. Have you ever seen the look on a skater boi’s face, as he glances up to see a Greyhound bus coming dead at him?
    I have, and it was priceless…
    (No, he did not get run over, but in avoiding the crash, his wheels found loose gravel. So did his knees.)

    • I have a friend who is obsessed with the Epic Fail compilations on YouTube, so I have witnessed a number of near-misses and collisions from the comfort of my sofa (with a handy cushion to hide behind when necessary). He was lucky it was only his knees!

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