The January Blues

I am finding my diet depressing
(A first world complaint, you’ll agree)
For in spite of the shakes, and the carbs, and the breaks
I am moody, sore, tired and hungry

Yet they tell me it’s worth it to diet
It shows character, willpower, poise
And with less spent on meat, you invest what you’d eat
In a dress to attract all the boys

So I guess I should stick with the program
For another few days at the least
If I make it that far, on an energy bar
You could use to scrub pots of their grease

I’m not sure I buy in to the concept
That the thin are more healthy and glam
And a girl in her prime must waste quite so much time
On starvation to bag her a man

No, I’m doing this thing to feel healthy
So the stairs are not quite such a chore
If eschewing all cheese, last year’s jeans pass my knees
It’s a bonus worth nothing at all

3 thoughts on “The January Blues

  1. A life without cheese would be unbearable…

    Seriously, I had lunch with a close friend of mine today. First time for me to see her in a few weeks… She has lost 25 pounds, in a short period of time. She came down with sugar diabetes, and had to go on a diet, one with a low amount of carbs. Now, she is the same size as when I met her ten years ago… Just sharing this part as a life experience thing…

    Not to be overlooked, your poem is fantastic. You certainly shine like new money on this one, as you so often (always) do.

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