Saturday Sadness

You wanted to come here to show me off
Your symbol of success, transition
Working class no longer, toff
In all opinion, loud derision

So I sit and watch the bald patch
Slow expanding on your head
Your eyes both glued to latest gadget
Showing off your wealth instead

I sip my coffee, not as silent
As the trophy WAGs should stay
While strangers’ pallid faces highlight
All you do and all I say

There was a time, almost forgotten
By the one who paid today
I’d make you think and laughing rotten,
Lift your moodiness away.

When shining eyes met laughter lines
Two grins curved freely over cake
And sugar seemed less of a crime
With more forgive and much less take

Impious, I once held your gaze
Without the need for sabotage
Of smart phone: screen of lesser rays
Replaced your smile with time on charge

We sit and comment on our drinks
You read the news in silent thought
I wonder at these forty winks
That hold our lives to what we’ve bought

7 thoughts on “Saturday Sadness

  1. It’s the great modern tragedy that we’ve forgotten how stimulating company can be. Nothing worse than sitting in a room full of friends and having most of them more involved with their phones than each other….

    A great piece, poet!

  2. this is a powerfully-written piece, poignant and subtly damning of the superficial high-tech materialism of our day. thanks also for liking my prose poem “wet blanket.”

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