Noisy neighbour

Bang! The childish adult kicks the ball
It Bang! shakes the fence Bang! and
Scatters the Bang! birds from their
Treetop nests. Bang! He is bored, this
Bang! boy child whose body out Bang!
Grew his mind un Bang! til he was
Shut inside Bang! with the other misfits.
Bang! The rose petals fall Bang! covering
The Bang! grass with their Bang! broken
Blossoms. Bang! The nurse calls to
Bang! shake him from where Bang! ever
It is he Bang! goes when the mood to
Bang! kick has over Bang! taken his
Desire to bounce Bang! on the squeaky trampoline
Or Bang! to pee on the syca Bang! more
Tree asserting his Bang! dominance over
Bang! deceitful foliage that Bang!
Whispers secrets Bang! for only his
Bang! ears. Twenty seven. A
Magic square. I wonder if he knows…


6 thoughts on “Noisy neighbour

  1. I loved this!

    Did you have different capitalization when you put the document in? If so I run into that problem all the time… I wish it would just go in the way I put it.

    • Thus far I have been quite lucky and only seem to experience major formatting issues if I try to blog using a tablet. The capitalization for this poem is deliberately clunky as I wanted it to jar as much with the reader as the sound of the ball hitting the fence.

      • Oh yes, I understood that with the Bang! I meant the beginning of the sentences (I guess more accurately lines). I find that I will put it in lower case and it will come out capitalized.

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