Losing my mind

I’m sure I left it somewhere
Underneath the bush we planted
Sweet smell of lavender
To cover the gap in the fence

Back before I met you
In a dim-lit bar in Manchester
Dripping with adventure
Now a lifetime ago

Perhaps it’s just hidden
Down behind the sofa cushions
Huddled between the gathered dust
And your key to the Peugeot

On top of the wardrobe
Sleeping in a hatbox
Full of moth-eaten gloves
With my wedding handkerchief

Beneath the kitchen cabinets
Disguised by its companions
A wandering teaspoon and
Some pea-escapees

It’ll turn up again
You say with that
Bad-penny certitude
I have come to expect

Until then I have you
Who lie to my face
In an attempt at conviction
Of my undiscovered brilliance

5 thoughts on “Losing my mind

    • Indeed. This morning I finally deleted my MySpace profile after almost eight years of blogging there. I felt sad to have to do so, but the recent changes have left the bloggers so little functionality it was not worth continuing, and given their recent enthusiasm for deleting content without warning, I did not feel inclined to post any audio files there as I had zero confidence they would still be there the next time I checked.

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