An unexpected question

You asked me what I wanted
Why I was being so nice
Forgive me, after thirteen years
I thought you knew the price

To tell the truth, I hate it
Helping’s not my thing
It’s just that I’ve an open face
That calls to all to cling

They trespass on my kindness
Assume it’s all for free
All fail to understand the things
That they must do for me

I deal with strangers swiftly
They never learn the score
It’s only friends that settle, thus
In place of greed for more

My balance tips to favour
Those worthy of my act
Demanding further efforts fill
Potential – tit for tat

4 thoughts on “An unexpected question

  1. Oh my gosh it is so good to see you here! Would you like us to hook you up with some old MySpacers? – I know they would love to know your blog is up and be able to come and read you…

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