The Radley Earrings

They left me in my resting place
With all the things they thought I’d need
They chose my clothes, and painted face
Picked out my best accessories

But these were not my favourite pair
Though gold they glitter on today
The curling edges chafed my ear
I’d sooner wear my mother’s veil

Alas, my sister kept the best
And none did notice all the while
They layed me down to final rest
Imagining I’d wear a smile

With weapons that were home to me
My bow and arrows, ever fine
A solid pot to slake my thirst
They dressed me well to pass through time

So here I sit, what’s left to view
Your image of my life, long lost
With understanding, almost true
Of style through objects built to last

This poem has been written about the Radley Earrings which form part of the collection of British Archaeology finds at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.