Cannon and Fugue

Bang! A gentle tap that led
To crumpled zones and painful head
That spring-filled day of summer’s heat
Her car kissed mine on busy street

And gingerly we clambered out
To see what damage had been dealt
With sinking hearts and pressed for time
Surveyed the victim and the crime

Two cyclists, blithe and loose-limbed types
In matching outfits on their bikes
Went gliding past the wreckage wrought
When seats, appealing, her eye’d caught

The lady, all apologies
Excused her conduct, batting eyes
All hopeful, proffering insurance
Seeking grateful reassurance

From each newly injured friend
That but time would all things mend
And litigation not be sought
By parties damaged without thought

Escaping swiftly, each with proof
Of damage done and photo’s truth
We flew to put you on your plane
And she, to hide her face in shame

‘Tis fortunate, as point’s arising
(Though the law find me surprising
For my view is one that’s not
By greed inclined to claim the lot)

That little injury was done
To vehicle, luggage, brain or brawn
As fault was not in truth with us
They fixed my car without a fuss