A Listing Dilemma

Disinclined to reward them
With negative attention
For however deplorable
Behaviour may be

They’ll achieve all their aims
In one act of plagiarism
If we target campaigns
For our followers to see

Ever wondered why shopping centres
Book Z list celebrities
To cut gros-grain ribbon
In the product-sodden rain?

It’s a given the manager
Is not a die-hard fan – no fear!
His interest’s financial:
Exploitation of a name


A victimless crime?
While we all crave exposure
One misquote may damage
Hard-won reputation

Some treacherous friend
Being tempted to borrow
Takes more than their share
Of a direct quotation

And fringes of Property
Law have been parted
The ingress unwelcome
Or even unknown; see

The date-rape distinction:
Consent – was it given?
By author or agent?
If not – Oops! That’s blown!

For all you’ve acknowledged
Original sources
You’ve copied and pasted
What was not your own

If you’re lucky, a tap
On the wrist and it’s sorted
Resist and be damned
‘Tis The Law, don’t you know?