Falling in love again
With another dream
How inconvenient
Soppy and obscene

Too many crowded rooms
Longing looks and sighs
Corny lines and flat champagne
And twinkles in our eyes

Falling in love again
Old enough to know
How much is fantasy
What little truth we show

Yet in advancing age
Imagine how we try
We sip our drinks and steal a scene
And go back home to cry

Falling in love again
Should have learnt by now
Too many handsome men
With troubles on their brow

Cast caution to the wind
And settle on a cloud
We see the signs and pass the time
Conduct affairs out loud

Falling in love again
So sensibly we dance
Let Nature take her course
Avoid the path of Chance

Filled with the emptiness
Of knowing that we can’t
We’ll somehow warm to loneliness
We dare not risk our hearts