The Pussy Wallows Blues

There’s a monkey on the back
Of my little black cat
He’s been gettin’ high on catnip
Yeah, an’ givin’ backchat

Took a flyin’ leap on Sunday
Pushed a pot plant down the stairs
Chewed another one on Monday
Givin’ us the evil stares

All because the kitty’s comin’ down
An’ strung out on his weed
We’ve had claws an’ fangs an’ spittin’
‘Til our jeans started to bleed

He’s a lovely pussy normally
But brother, what a stoner!
My sister was the pusher, she
Now owes us both a coma

For up at dawn an’ yowlin’
For the nightcap he was missin’
My little kitty howlin’ loud
Down stairs an’ on a mission

He’s rousin’ up his slaves
To dig the plants out of the ground
An’ find the one he’s cravin’
So the good times roll around