This was written in response to a particularly senseless and unprovoked race-related murder last week. Some details of the crime are available from the BBC here.

Not from ’round here, are you love?
Just got off the boat?
Wotcher lookin’ for – a shove?
Mind yer manners; throat…

Threatened by the local view
That one is all too strange
We keep our heads down, all too few
To meet the challenge named

If we in truth had settled here
Invasion on our mind
No gentle native could but fear
The mercy of my kind

But as I’m only here to live
As parents, siblings, blood and bone
I turn my cheek, try to forgive
What Tiffin-tales I heard at home

The promised land of Empires past
Has proven a mirage
My castles in the air are fast
Dissolving with the Raj