On the Market

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
Eloped with Dow Jones
Hoping for a little FTSE
Of their own
But the crude and oily futures
Stepped in
And their taxies crashed
On Wall Street.
“Oh, Forex!”
Fannie Mae remarked
“Freddie’s done his Nasdaq again!”


Faces crease in concentration
Making efforts to ignore
Insistent toddler at the station
Tantrum thrown beside the door

Tired workers heading homeward
All but desperate for peace
Nervous mother still a coward
Fearing offspring’s full release

Cries that echo round the carriage
Painful stares at stalemate scowl
The product of a broken marriage
Childhood monster’s awful howl

Pacifist attempts a token
Of what discipline we lack
Silent look conveys unspoken
‘Madam take your vile kid back’

Children borne but rarely welcome
Oft ignored with quiet bribes
Entering a world that needs them
Yet can’t stomach little lives

An Act of Equality

Literal, a glitterball with
Shapeless, senseless twitter call
Tripping over coveralls
To break the bones of bugger-alls

Work-shy, drip-dry, never mind
The kind rarely if ever kind
And always coming from behind
To ride the coat-tails of the blind

Where were you when brains were given?
Hearts and minds and shame were shriven
Could you please explain this living
Or why all should be forgiven?

Old excuses, new abuses
Trust, then lust, then bust for users
Weak-chinned, long-shinned, thin-skinned losers
Make the worst of beggars, choosers

Careful, tiptoe past the trigger
Or a lip may start to quiver
As we shudder, shake and shiver
At the news we must deliver

Mark the pages, turn them faster
Or may all end in disaster
Swathed in loam and sticking plaster
All that Nature’s coffers muster

Gag Reflex

Silly things can trigger
To a wave of something bigger

When a stranger picks their moment
Or a dewdrop starts to quiver

At the end of someone’s nose
Oh, how the feeling comes and goes

As I must struggle for supremacy
To govern the inclemency

Of gastric-led activity
Resulting in the tendency

To demonstrate my feeling
At what set the senses reeling

With unwanted strength of motion
And a curious devotion

As I fight the base sensation
To give in to native action

With a heaved determination
Overcome my true reaction