Half-Pint’s Positive Thinking

The best thing about a committee
Is there’s always somebody to blame
A convenient scapegoat to pity
While feeding the papers a name

And as all the ballots are secret
There is no-one to call out the lie
As you smile at the cameraman’s edit
One more face in a coat and a tie

Oh, we cannot condemn the committee
Just a small offering will suffice
Thus with humblest expressions of duty
We prepare for the next sacrifice

Servicing Customers

The more I try to do
For this, the misanthropic race
The less I give a damn
At each new petty, squalling case

The customer is always right
I try so hard to help
But somehow they just want to fight
And disregard all else

Abuse is but my just reward
How could I dare to hope
That one might take another’s word
As more than just a joke

It’s clearly not their problem
That they dump such attitude
Upon the person listening
To such indulgent, rude

And quite infuriating malcontents
Who do not want to hear
The answer is but common sense,
A finger in each ear

That I might make a difference
And right another’s wrongs
Would seem so far beyond the scope
Of what each call demands

So why do I still bother
To address their vain concerns?
Perhaps I have a conscience
Though respect must still be earned

Humanity is toxic
In it’s pale, pathetic way
As passive meets aggressive
And the loudest get their say

Where merit holds no currency
In worlds of bought and sold
The sway of youth from infancy
Decided in the mould

An age that takes advantage
Of compassionate display
Must find new methods to exploit
To profit from our pain

But who can tell the outcome
Of each thrust of knife to back
There is no sense in playing dumb
And yet the mask won’t crack

I do not have the answers
No, I’m just another voice
Yet I believe in second chances
And prefer to have a choice

I worry for tomorrow
That no hero saves the day
And as for all our sorrow?
How we get carried away!