Politics in the hot tub…

Belgium and Russia, Holland and France
All went to war at the drop of some pants
Stayed for a spell in the ‘melting pot’ there
Until Belgium got out to go towel-dry her hair
Then Russia goosed France and he squealed quite a bit
While Holland was off in a huff for some shit
Things got a bit rough in the bedroom that night
Until Belgium screamed ‘Stop!’ and France turned on the light.
Quite shocked were our countries at what they then saw
They all signed a peace treaty and walked out the door.
If only world peace were as simple a sum
As catching half Europe in half-naked fun.


Follow the flag to sunnier climes
Where all things are free, including our minds.
The truth and the beauty of mankind we see
In person, not filtered by watching TV.
Sharing our burdens, we lose all our care,
Eat when we’re hungry, sleep without fear,
Spend our time laughing in gay company,
Just Abraham, Ahmed, Abdullah and me.

Stream of Unconsciousness

Sitting in the passenger seat
Watching you drive my car,
Drive me, to places I’ve not been.
Foreign, fresh territory,
Countryside-open or big-city-closed;
I watch the people pass, with strange faces,
Search through the streets
Looking for something. What?
An ending, a beginning?
An answer to the unaskable?
My mind wanders, I lose the map.
I close my eyes and sit back,
Comforted by the mindless noise
Of a badly-tuned radio;
The buzzing static in tune
With the humming void between my ears.

The Insomniac

I leave the light on, late at night,
I don’t quite dare to face the night.
Leaping from the floor to bed
In case some creature grabs a leg.
For who can tell what lies beneath
Childhood terrors cause much grief
And only morning brings relief from
Witches, Goblins, Vampire teeth.
I close the curtains, windows, door,
Yet leave a light on down the hall.
I cross my fingers, sneak a peep,
Hold my breath and pray for sleep.
The windows rattle, floorboards creak,
The wardrobe holds demonic sheep
Whose glowing eyes are keeping watch,
Counting seconds, ‘mid my socks.
I’ve hated bedtime all my life.
I rarely sleep, but feel the knife,
The cold sweat trickling down my spine,
My sister’s snoring – sleeping fine.
And yet I daren’t drift myself,
Fearful of some vile elf.
Reading, writing, all night long,
Drawing pictures, whispering songs,
Anything I can devise
To keep from closing these tired eyes
Until at last the morning’s come, and,
Gentle saviour, brought the sun.
Then at last my watch will end,
Trusting in my faithful friend
Who watches me from day to day
And holds my demons all at bay:
Light will keep my dreams quite pure,
So I may fall to sleep once more.