Ode to a well-spent youth

I miss my youth, I spent it ill,
I every duty did fulfil.
Honoured my father and my mother,
Was a model for my brother.
Such example gave to all,
I had no fun, no, none at all!

And now I find me looking sad
When others pass by, young and glad.
I didn’t see, how could I know
How soon I’d lose my youthful glow?
And when the time would come for me
To bear responsibility.

I’m not yet old, I’ll say that now,
But gone’s the age I still could vow
To love some fool to end of time
Without a reason or a rhyme.

I miss my youth, yes that I do,
But fear if I were young anew
I’d do just as I did before
And end the same. Tho’ I deplore
The rash behaviour of the young
Both then and now, I’ll choose the fun.
And try to build, each day that’s passed
Some crazy mem’ries that will last.